LTS provides total system development, which enables us to fully serve all your nationwide wireless communication needs.



LTS has one of the leading teams in experienced, well-trained erection crews. Using only state-of-the art equipment, our specialists possess the expertise to meet the changing and growing demands of our customers.


Our full service inspections include the entire structure and building. As well as electrical components, transmission lines, antennas, guy wire tension where required, fencing and access roads. Potential deficiencies are detailed in a professional written summary, which includes site report, color photos of your tower and an itemized analysis of repairs, which may be required.


LTS recommends annual replacement of incandescent and strobe lighting because lighting fixtures often become damaged during strong weather conditions or at the hands of vandals. Our inspection teams stock a solid inventory of lamps, which eliminates the cost of additional labor. Our specialists are also prepared to respond to power outages upon request.


Our electrical and grounding teams use hands-on techniques for installation and repairs. LTS services all electrical components with quality products and precise workmanship.


It is sometimes necessary to remove existing towers, structures, buildings, foundations, roof-top structures and other tower site components. Our demolition teams take the up most care in removing these structures in order to protect the quality of remaining towers and buildings.


Tower Modification

We can assist you with determining if your tower is structurally sound by completing a structural analysis. If modifications are required, our crews have the experience and knowledge to complete your project, whether it be foundation or tower modifications.

Project Management

Our management team offers you the peace of mind in knowing your project is being completed by competent crews in a timely manner.

Tower Rentals/Emergency Services

Possessing a wide rental tower database enables us to serve all your tower rental needs. Give us a call for a free estimate on your next rental site. Our employees are on call 24/7, allowing us to respond in a timely manner should an emergency situation arise.


LTS provides our customers with well-trained specialists who have years of experience installing Microwave, Cellular, PCS and Two-Way communications. Experience counts.


Although tower painting is gradually being replaced with the installation of strobe lighting, it still remains a necessity in order to deter rust from interfering with hardware and structural steel. Towers no longer in need of painting should be inspected for cleaning. By applying a primer to the structure, existing rust can easily be stopped from spreading.